How to solve Google Maps/Waze issues on Android Auto

Seems that the issure reverted and the below workaround is not helping anymore.
In the past weeks I have tried multiple older Android Auto versions and still experiencing the same behavior.

Un until now, i’ve tried:

  • Older AA version
  • Disabled battery optimization for both AA, Waze & Google Maps
  • Enabled/Disabled Location permission for AA

None of the above improved the GPS accuracy so if anyone has found a fix already, would appreciate leaving a comment.

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This is not the typical O365VoiceLab post, but hey… sharing is caring 🙂

My wife and I are really enjoying our brand new car and so does Jax, our puppy who finnaly has a complete “living room” in the trunk 🙂

All nice and dandy until trying to use the Google Maps or Waze app through Android Auto and here comes the pain. The app behaves like it wouldn’t have proper GPS coverage, constantly repositioning, recalculating the route and flipping the map round and round…

Was just about to give up and buy a phone holster so I can use the maps apps in the old fashioned method, when it striked me… Why does Android Auto needs access to my Location service? If i’m already mirroring a location application which naturally has access to the location, why would i grant the same permission to Android Auto.

With this in mind, i went to Settings -> Apps -> Tap on Android Auto -> Tap on Permissions -> Select Location -> Tap on Deny Access. MAGIC, my problem dissapeared!

Seems that denying access to the location service for the Android Auto app, forces it to levrage the location service from the maps app itself which instantly mitigates the issue.

Hope you enjoyed the read and found some good advice here.

Meanwhile, safe travels and continue researching, learning and trubleshooting!