How to solve Google Maps/Waze issues on Android Auto

Seems that the issure reverted and the below workaround is not helping anymore.
In the past weeks I have tried multiple older Android Auto versions and still experiencing the same behavior.

Un until now, i’ve tried:

  • Older AA version
  • Disabled battery optimization for both AA, Waze & Google Maps
  • Enabled/Disabled Location permission for AA

None of the above improved the GPS accuracy so if anyone has found a fix already, would appreciate leaving a comment.

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This is not the typical O365VoiceLab post, but hey… sharing is caring πŸ™‚

My wife and I are really enjoying our brand new car and so does Jax, our puppy who finnaly has a complete “living room” in the trunk πŸ™‚

All nice and dandy until trying to use the Google Maps or Waze app through Android Auto and here comes the pain. The app behaves like it wouldn’t have proper GPS coverage, constantly repositioning, recalculating the route and flipping the map round and round…

Was just about to give up and buy a phone holster so I can use the maps apps in the old fashioned method, when it striked me… Why does Android Auto needs access to my Location service? If i’m already mirroring a location application which naturally has access to the location, why would i grant the same permission to Android Auto.

With this in mind, i went to Settings -> Apps -> Tap on Android Auto -> Tap on Permissions -> Select Location -> Tap on Deny Access. MAGIC, my problem dissapeared!

Seems that denying access to the location service for the Android Auto app, forces it to levrage the location service from the maps app itself which instantly mitigates the issue.

Hope you enjoyed the read and found some good advice here.

Meanwhile, safe travels and continue researching, learning and trubleshooting!


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  1. Looks I have the same issue, Tucson NX4 hybrid with Android Auto, without built-in navigation. I made the videos and uploaded it to youtube, can you check is it the same?

    Also I wrote yersterday to Android Auto community. Waiting for the response.

    That issue also annoying my wife πŸ™ we dont know what is the real root cause: is this a head unit or Android Auto app in the phone? We have another older Tucson 2019, and we never faced any issues with Android Auto Google Maps and Wase

    1. Yes, seems to be exact same behavior. Have you tested the steps i listed in the article? That should help you.

      1. Yes, we have. And it helped!!! Thank you a lot for that trick! We still communicate with car dealership, reporting to them that issue, we would like that they investigate that issue

        1. You are most welcome. Happy it helped.
          As a side note, i have also shared this information with my car dealership but it didn’t raise much interest to them πŸ™‚
          While this is not manufacturor issue but an Android one, they should be able to provide such answers to other affected users.

          1. I have exact same issue with my Hyundai Tucson and this helped me fix it temporarily, but I don’t think this is Android Auto issue as AA doesn’t use phone GPS when it can and I have no issue with the same phone in another car,

            I had a hard time at the dealership describing the issue and they kept denying that this is a fault from the car!

  2. Honestly, i doubt this is a Tucson issue. I am getting feedback from other folks that same issue appears on other cars.
    Would be interesting if you could update this thread if you manage to get some sort of acknowledgment from the dealership.

  3. Hi Sabin, thanks for the post very helpful. I will try that in my Tucson to see if it works.
    I have the exact same issue.
    My Tucson Model is NX4N20S.DVAMN.F1AU and my head unit software version is NX4.AUS.D2V.001.002.201130. I have a friend with the exact same model of Tucson and he was having the same issue. He updated his head unit software and the problem was solved. His new software version is NX4.AUS.D2V.001.002.210603. I’ve tried to update my software at the dealer, but they said they don’t have this update πŸ™
    Hopefully, Hyundai fixes this soon.

    1. Hi Augusto,
      Hope this will help to get your issue fixed. Looking forward for your update πŸ™‚
      Meanwhile, enjoy this awesome head-turning car πŸ™‚

  4. Hi,
    Looks like Hyundai released a few software update in different regions including the Tucson Hybrid,

    Is it possible for you to check if there is an update for your car and whether that can fix the issue?

    There is no update available for my region unfortunately to test!

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Mohammad,
      The link you shared is for the navigation update (the large media version). My car doesn’t have sat nav, so I cannot install any update from this link unfortunately.

  5. Hi, I have a brand new Tucson 2022 with the same issues both with iOS 15 (iPhone 12) and Android (Samsung S21 Ultra). Both phones disconnected from the car run perfectly the maps apps but when connected to my Tucson (via wifi, the only option in my Tucson) both maps in CarPlay and Android Auto go crazy. I think it’s a problem with the Tucson subsystem.

    1. I’m located in Costa Rica and issue happen with my Tucson 2022 – 500 Km. Its not appear an issue of the area (since we are located in different places) it appears more something with the car. Either with the software or the gps.

      Did anyone get a real solution?

  6. Hi,
    I am located in Luxembourg and I have a Hyundai Tucson Hybrid model 2022. Facing problems with the main gps of the car which loses signal very often. Last update on November 2023 didn’t solve the problem.

    Tried to use Android auto but as it rΓ©cieves the gps signal from the head unit instead of the phone have the same issues….
    Dealership has no idea….

    Does anyone recommend me something?

    1. Hey Dimitris,
      Seems that in the past week the issue resurfaced and even with denied permission for AndroidAuto, Waze//Google Maps are still misbehaving.
      I am currently trying with older versions of Android Auto to see if it solved the issue, however no luck up until now.
      Tested AA version 9.2.63 – same behavior. Currently installed the 9.1.63 version and pending for me to have a ride with my car and test.

      For anyone willing to give it a shot as well with older Android Auto versions, here are the steps:
      1. Go to Apps -> identify Android Auto and tap on it.
      2. upper-right corner go to 3 dots and select Uninstall updates.
      3. go to download and install an older version.
      4. test.

      Looking forward to get some feedback or other ideas

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